You'll find below the following information about the conference part of SomnoSafe: description, scientific committee, submissions, program & schedule, proceedings.

1. Description


The scope of the conference is identical to that of the overall symposium; it can be found on the Scope & overview page. Of course, it's all about vigilance & safety!

The conference consists of a mix of contributed presentations and invited presentations.

Each contributed presentation arises as follows. Authors submit a 400-word abstract that is examined by a small number of reviewers sufficiently familiar with the topic. Based on the feedback received from these reviewers, the General chair recommends, or not, that the work described in the abstract be presented. The reviewers will recommend an abstract for presentation only if the abstract describes work that is novel from a scientific and/or engineering/technical standpoint. The small size of the abstract allows authors to present novel results without revealing in it all the details of their work. This allows them to subsequently publish full papers on similar work in well-established publications.

Each contributed presentation will be given either (1) as an oral presentation or (2) as a poster combined with a teaser presentation in four standard slides and three minutes. The choice oral vs. poster depends on the recommendation of the reviewers and the General chair and the total number of accepted abstracts.

Each contributed presentation results from a personal invitation to a speaker to talk about a topic that is current and important, without any need for the presentation to contribute any new scientific and/or engineering/technical knowledge.

The conference constitutes the bulk of SomnoSafe; it occupies the two full days of the event.

Whom for?

The conference should appeal to anyone with an interest in vigilance & safety. You will be interested in the conference if

  • you are a researcher and/or an academic, and you wish to present your latest scientific/technical, innovative work to your peers, and/or to keep abreast of the latest research work by others, sometimes in fields quite different from yours, and/or
  • you are a practicing professional, and you wish to get a heads-up on what 's cooking in the best research, Skunk-Works laboratories of the world.

As in most scientific conferences, the attendees of SomnoSafe spend much of their time in the conference room, or talking to others outside of it.

Since "vigilance & safety" is highly interdisciplinary, you'll have plenty of opportunities to meet people with a variety of backgrounds. SomnoSafe offers plenty of opportunities for networking, and you should take full advantage of it!

When and where?

The conference will take place on 22-23 Feb 2016 (Mon-Tue) at the venue hotel of the symposium.

Detailed time information is found in the Program & schedule (as soon as available).

How to participate?

You can participate as an abstract contributor and as an attendee, as appropriate. If you wish to present your work, you should follow the instructions found in the Submissions section below.

2. Scientific committee

The conference is organized in close collaboration with the Scientific committee of the symposium found on the Scientific committee page.

3. Submissions

Information for prospective authors

Information for submitting authors

You must format your paper (i.e. your abstract) as specified in

You must use one of the following author kits to format your paper

You must submit your paper via

If you have any question about formatting or submitting, please contact Clémentine François at cfrancoisatulg [dot] ac [dot] be.

Information for authors of accepted papers

If your paper (i.e. your abstract) is accepted, you must finalize the submission as specified in (the same document as above)

4. Program & schedule

  • Program & schedule (as soon as available)

5. Proceedings

Each properly registered participant will receive one electronic copy of the proceedings on-site, at the time of registration.