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* With official proof of enrollment, & according to availability.                              
** Discount of 60.00 € for the first 15 students to register, provided they have already submitted an abstract. Discount (+ VAT) to be given to qualifying students only in cash and only on-site (at registration desk).


  • Seating is limited for conference and banquet; first-come, first served.
  • The prices above do not include 21% VAT.  


Anyone wishing to attend SomnoSafe must be properly registered.

A person is considered to be properly registered when SomnoSafe has received the appropriate registration payment on its bank account via the means that are specified in the instructions given below.

Proper registration is achieved via the following three-step process:

  • Access the registration form by clicking on the Registration form link below, fill out the form completely, and submit your request for registration by clicking on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.
  • Look for an email from SomnoSafe that gives you instructions to make your registration payment; if you don't see any email from SomnoSafe in your main mailbox, look for it in the place where spam goes (trash,...). If you don't see this email, contact us: you must have it to do your payment!
  • Make your payment as specified in the email.

The simple fact of submitting the form is NOT sufficient to be properly registered. For you to be properly registered, we must have received your payment on our bank account. The date and time of your payment determine whether you qualify for the early-bird fee, late fee, or on-site fee.

IMPORTANT: We'll do our best to work with you to take into account special circumstances and difficulties that you may experience with any of the registration steps, including payment. However, time is of the essence: you must contact us as quickly as possible, and you must work on resolving problems just as quickly.

IMPORTANT for SPEAKERS: Presenters of contributed papers must be properly registered, just as regular attendees. They must be properly registered to be allowed to be/remain in the program and to make their presentations. Presenters of invited papers will be contacted by the organizers.

Registration form