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Why sponsor?

The consequences of a loss of human vigilance - e.g. due to drowsiness or distraction - are often disastrous: injuries, deaths, damage or loss of goods and equipment, damage to the environment, etc.

If you or your company are involved in any aspect of "vigilance and safety", whether developing innovative, technical solutions for detecting losses of vigilance, installing them in vehicles (car, airplanes, etc.), developing drugs to counter somnolence, looking at the possible somnolence side effects of medications, dealing with the insurance and legal aspects of losses of vigilance, etc., you may derive a significant visibility, business, and financial benefit by playing a highly visible role in the SomnoSafe Symposium. One of the best and simplest ways to reach maximum visibility is for you to sponsor the SomnoSafe Symposium at the level that is best for you.

We are working hard to make SomnoSafe THE reference event worldwide in the field of "vigilance & safety". Although still quite young, the event is already known and attended by many of the world experts in the field. By being a sponsor, you will be particularly visible to these experts, and you will perhaps strengthen your leadership in the field. Of course, you will also benefit from individualized visibility during the promotional campaign of the event and during the event itself.

We plan to give full exclusivity to one sponsor per large sector, e.g. for equipment manufacturers, car manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, utility companies, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies.

Becoming a sponsor

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Other visibility option

Instead of being a sponsor, an institution or company can be a partner through a win-win exchange of visibility that (solely) results in the entity's logo to appear on our website (below). The motivation for becoming a partner is of course similar to that for becoming a sponsor.
Any entity interested in becoming a partner should contact us.